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‘REVIVE Your Dream’ Small Business Challenge Takes Off


‘REVIVE Your Dream’ Small Business Challenge Takes Off

Small business owners, solopreneurs and entrepreneurs with an unfulfilled vision will start the 55 day “REVIVE Your Dream” challenge on 1st October 2008, a last chance strategy for squeezing the most from 2008 before the festive season wraps up all those good intentions for ending the year on a high!

For small business owners with an excuse for every unfinished goal or entrepreneurs who have been playing the ‘waiting game’, this is your last chance to deliver the goods before the year ends! The “REVIVE Your Dream” challenge is designed to create a fun and supportive environment for taking action, growing and learning as your goal is achieved.

Participants in the challenge will receive regular encouragement from a specialist small business coach and be able to share their struggles and successes with other challenge participants, making progress inevitable!

REVIVE Coach, Lisa Murray explains, “The opportunity to engage with like-minded others in a supportive environment is one of the key reasons people will make significant progress during the “REVIVE Your Dream” challenge. Most new year resolutions and business ideas fail because people do not have enough support to help them over the mountains and through the valleys that create substantial barriers to success.”

If you are ready to dust off your dream, provide purpose for your passion and gear up to achieve your goals with ease, take action now and register for the “REVIVE Your Dream” challenge. Registrations close Friday 26 September 2008.  Register online at www.revivecoaching.com.au/dream and get ready to surprise yourself and surpass your previous successes!

As a small business coach, Lisa says it is easy to identify your ideal challenge: “Just ask yourself: If you knew you couldn’t fail what would you most desire to achieve in your life or your business?” For some the dream may be about work-life balance, for others it may be financial or relationship based.  Business goals could encompass expansion, profitability, teamwork or customer relationships.

REVIVE Business Coaching specializes in practical first aid for small businesses and their overworked owners.  Small business owners often need independent support to refresh direction, create an injection of customers or find the next new bestselling product or service. REVIVE Business Coaching helps revitalize small businesses, enhance profitability and improve the lives of small business owners.


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